Guild Wars 2

You can join Marked Souls by messaging Kousei.5914 or Vivaer.8360 in game or visiting our Discord. Be sure to react in our Channels and Roles to get access to our Guild Wars 2 channels!

All members must pass a probation period, during which the player must show that they can fit in with the guild's expectations and current members.

Guild Wars 2 Tactical Overlay (TacO)

TacO is an overlay tool that has a pretty big feature list but the important things for raids are markers and timers for boss specific mechanics. Poison countdown on Matthias, mushroom labels on Sloth, etc.

Tekket's All-in-One Marker Pack:

Blish HUD

A modern Guild Wars 2 overlay with powerful module support.



This is a DPS meter and while we know there is still some controversy about them this is the best one for those that want to use one. It’s also got the added benefit of having a working build template system (switch between builds quickly).


If you’re looking for a way to easily share your arc DPS logs, here are some recommended sites:


The following links have general information regarding raiding in Guild Wars 2. Marked Souls has also put a series of pages together to gather what we think are the best guides and resources for each encounter.

Raid Builds

To be included on a Marked Souls Raid Team, a member must have at least one character built using a recommended build from one of the following sites:

Raid Video Playlist