Happy 10 Years Marked Souls!
Raid Encounter: Xera
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Discord Server
Global Guilds
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TeamSpeak Tab Swapping
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Nekkid Run
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Wintersday 2012
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Guide to Class Selection
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Nekkid Run
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Nekkid Run
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Dancing in Lion's Arch
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Release Server and Information
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Separate Game and Voice Communication Sounds
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GW2 Launch Date
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Announcing GW2 BWE2
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New Marked Souls Logo
Guild Beta Server
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7th Year Anniversary Celebration
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Beta Weekend Events Starting!
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GW2 Pre-Purchases Announced
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GW2 Multi-Guild Policy
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Mesmer Officially Released
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A Guide to Tactical Decision Making
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Engineer Announced
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Introducing the Thief
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Embark Beach and Heroes Update
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Canthan New Year 2011
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Guardian Announced
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Wintersday 2010
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Necromancer Announced
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Ranger Announced
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Fortresses and Artifacts Guide
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Templar Cooking Items
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Templar: Severe Blow Skills
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Aion Performance Tweaks
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Aion Release Server: Triniel
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Aion Legion Beta Server: Nezekan
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Collectables: To Keep or Not to Keep
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Cathedral of Flames (CoF) Farming Run
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Desktop Shortcut Tricks
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Guild Defeats Mallyx!
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Template Folders
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Tips on Saving Gold for Non Farmers
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Duncan Defeated!
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Art and Science of Aggro Control
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Evil forces in Fissure destroyed!
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Underworld Excursion
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