Aion Performance Tweaks

Here are some tips, tricks, and tweaks found by Marked Souls members on other forums, through experimentation, etc. Enjoy!

Cut Your Ping In Half

I tried this fix and I went from an average 130ms to never above 30ms all night.

Think this only applies to vista/7 users.

Fixed FPS Option

ok, so for the past 7months in Caion and now NaAion i have been running with lowest possible graphics and still lag like a nyerk. I also had the fixed fps option turned off. Then, by some cahnce I decided to see how game would look with full graphics and said why not turn this little option on and see what happens. little did I know that it would make the difference between lag and no lag/rubberbanding. I can also play with full graphics now. WTF...Everybody turn on fixed FPS it will make your day.

it keeps u at a certain fps by minimizing graphix output for certain images. so, unless can handle loading all frames data extremely fast, you should have it on. I have a ****** graphix card so i have to have on.

Tips and Tricks To Prevent Crashing

I along with many others have problems with crashing in game during siege.

There are a couple problems that usually cause this:

x64 Operating Systems .dll crash (cry engine problem, it will tell you this explicitly in the error if this is your problem)

For the x64 type crashes, the game usually just freezes entirely. You will have to use task manager more than likely to kill Aion when this happens. Often times, it will leave aion.bin open in your active processes as well, which you have to kill manually. The best way to keep this from happening is to turn all graphics settings to low, bloom effect and glow effect off, and anti-aliasing off (x0). Then shut down Aion and do a fresh restart on your computer. This minimizes any memory leaks from using up excess RAM (the primary reason x64 makes Aion crash is overuse of memory). After the siege you can turn your setting back up and restart Aion. Doing this has made me go from crashing about every 5 minutes to maybe once a night max.

The cry engine crash has only been fixed one way that I have found. Depending on your version of windows and sound car etc, you need to turn your sound accelerations down and/or off. Typically in most windows OS's you can hit Start->Run and type dxdiag. Go to the sound tab and turn the slider for acceleration all the way off. If you use an integrated sound card (it's part of your motherboard), you may have to do this in the Sound category in your Control Panel in Windows. More on this later.

Regardless of both of these fixes, push Shift-F12 when you start PVP. This makes all characters disappear off your screen except those in your party. If you disconnect or crash, you will have to push it again, as it is not default.