Fortresses and Artifacts Guide

Lets start with the artifacts, the tide turners of a battle, and this is true without a doubt that having these make numbers meaningless, make the powerful powerless, and have the capability to turn the weak into the strong.

A list of what artifacts do what can be found in the link below.

In the above link, names of artifacts, the area of effect that artifact affects, the effect itself, and the cooldown time. Along with that, the abilities that are bestowed upon a faction after a fortress has been taken over are listed as well. Note the table doesn't include the cooldown time of the artifact after it is taken, which from what I've seen on most artifacts are 5-10 minutes.

There are 9 fortresses in total, three on the bottom layer of Reshanta (The abyss), five on the top layer, and one in the core.

Names and Descriptions:

Siel's Eastern Fortress

The Siel's fortresses are on a set of islands adjacent to each other known as Siel's Wings, often making for a very intense battle if both factions control one each. Siel's Eastern Fortress is the more difficult fortress to take of the two, as the boss is deep in the bottom of the fortress as opposed to it's sibling fortress. The front door of Siel's Eastern is a "T" like structure with a corridor that has pros and cons to attacking through it. The con is how restrictive the corridor is, if there are ranged attackers attacking a force moving through the corridor, they can have a field day with AoEs. The pro here is that there is a form of a hood over the actual door, so melee attackers beating on the door are protected by obstructed line of sight from enemy ranged attackers. There is also an alternate door on the north side with no corridor, but also no hood to cover melee attackers, attacking from this door means you have the choice of flight. There is yet a third door, known as the backdoor, or bottom, or asscrack of the fortress, this door has no actual fortress gate that needs to be broken down, but there are Hero rank mobs, roughly 6-8 between the entrence to the backdoor and the ramp leading to the bottom. The backdoor itself is located along the side of the continent itself, and can be found by flying between the two fortresses, landing on the small floating rock, and looking directly towards the fortress, and you will see it. The boss is located in the bottom room, the only way to reach him is by going down the ramp, which can be reached from any of the three doors.

Siel's Western Fortress

This is the little brother to Siel's Eastern, an easier fortress to take, but is more open to be attacked by the enemy faction. If you go through either the south or north door, which are similar in design, no obstruction or corridor, you will walk right through the doorway and run right into the boss, as he spawns on the top floor of this fortress, as opposed to the lower room. There is also a backdoor/bottom/asscrack to this fortress, and can be found the same way as shown above, but from my experience, the easiest way to get in is from one of the doors, because going through the backdoor in this forterss puts you at the bottom floor and you have to fight your entire way up to the top floor. Siel's Western has a special vantage point located along the wall in a corner.

Sulfer Fortress

Sulfer is a pretty beastly fortress to take in comparison to either of the Siel's, as this fortress is guarded with at least twice the amount of NPC power, as well as five artifacts that include it in their area of effect. On the top level of Sulfer there are regular guard mobs and guard towers all around the outside of the fortress wall. The front door, identifiable with the two trees that sit ontop of it, has a Hero rank golem-like beast as well as two level 40 guard towers guarding it. The alternate door is much easier to get through as it has less NPC power guarding it. There is a backdoor/bottom/asscrack that is similar to Siel's, it is located underneath Sulfer on its directly north side, you will have to find the small hole that you have to fly up into. I discourage entering through the backdoor because of two floating platforms that have a number of snipers on it, next to the hole are sentry eyes, air mines, and inside the backdoor are Hero ranked mobs. On the top floor, after you pass through the gate, there is what looks to be a massive hole in the floor that leads straight to the boss room which allows you to skip the ramp completely. As an extra little note, you can cut off enemy reenforcements by killing the teleporter located on the top floor before moving into the boss room.

More to come...