GW2 Multi-Guild Policy

For those that haven't heard about it, players in Guild Wars 2 will be able to associate their accounts to multiple guilds. You can choose to represent any guild you belong to at any time. They haven't released much more information than that about guilds. Anything else can be found at:

There seems to be a lot of very heated conversation going on GW2 fan sites and I'd like to make it well known where the Marked Souls leadership stands on this subject.

I love what ArenaNet is doing with the guilds in GW2. If you've been around for a while, you may have heard a few conversations we've had about this topic on TeamSpeak because we knew it would be a hot topic from the moment they announced it.

I think that the perception of more member turnover is just that: a perception. In reality, I believe that the ability to be in multiple guilds will be a boon for established communities such as ourselves.

We all know that cliques form within all guilds both large and small. We saw it in Aion. We had close to max guild size but the player base, outside of our core group, was constantly changing. Cliques would leave to start their own guild, players would leave for a legion that focused on more of what they wanted to do, etc. I believe that in the Guild Wars 2 system, there is no reason to ever leave a guild where there are players you like playing with. You just represent the guild you're playing with at the time.

That's all we will ask of our guild members. Represent Marked Souls when you're playing with Marked Souls.

Players will be rewarded based on representation and participation. If Guild Wars 2 offers an influence and guild storage audit system, we can easily base promotions, awards, etc on what each player gives to the guild. You also must be representing the guild to access influence purchased items and rewards.