Release Server and Information

Head start and launch are this weekend! It's finally here and below is all the information you'll need to hit the ground running.

1) Server

Marked Souls will be rolling on: Stormbluff Isle!

We've talked to other guilds on Stormbluff Isle for WvW planning and we want the server to have a real feel of community. If you would like to start socializing with the Stormbluff Isle community, please visit and join

Stormbluff Isle links:

2) Get into the Guild

To get into the guild on release, contact an officer through in game mail or whisper. We'll also have a presence on TeamSpeak so you can request access on TS as well. Officers will also be checking their friends list for players that played the beta.

3) Represent

Once you're in the guild, you'll have to ensure that your are representing Marked Souls. By representing Marked Souls, you'll gain access to guild chat and storage as well as contribute influence points to the guild by playing the game. These influence points will let us upgrade the guild and gain bonuses like extra experience, karma, influence, and magic find.

Every new character you create will be created without any representation. If you choose to put your alt characters in Marked Souls, you'll have to ensure you click represent each time you create a new character.

4) Use Your Tome

If you ordered either the digital deluxe or collector's edition, you will get a Tome of Influence. This one time use item allows you to boost your guild's influence once. If you'd like to use your Tome to boost the influence of Marked Souls, we'd like to thank you in advanced and remind you to ensure you're representing when you use it.